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Landscape Collection

Patricia is inspired by repetition (particularly in nature), contrast, patterns and textures. Stories and humour are often the foundations of her work. ​ She loves when something stops her in her tracks, like the voluptuous curves of a mountain scape or the bold contrasting colours of a flower. She will pause for a tiny moment to admire it, analyse every detail, compliment it, and perhaps if she's lucky, share it. She does not care so much for the name of the mountain scape or the plant, or what soil it needs to thrive. She just loves that this beautiful scene has invited her to stop. For a single moment, it's only the two of them. ​ It’s Patricia's ambition to create things that will stop others too and give them that one moment of stillness where beauty outweighs any other thought.​  The pieces exhibited in the Lucent exhibition are a nod to the colours and curves that are unique to the Lake Eildon National Park in the Central Highlands region of Victoria, Australia. They are a nod to a collection of single moments of breathtaking beauty experienced by the artist.

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