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"Da fark is Yark?", she said. This piece is about the many layers that make up an exceptional little town. Yarck is a town, an hour and half northeast of Melbourne. It has a handful of shops, is eerily quiet, and is surrounded by golden plains of dry grass and green hillsides. The pub replies on its noticeboard, "Here da fark is Yarck!". The hills surrounding Yarck, the valleys, the food, the people and imperfect little town are the inspiration for the many layers and texturing of this ring.


925 silver, four layer ring, celebrating the mountainscape of the Central Highlands. Can be customised to your own prefered mountainscape. 

Please email us for a quote if you would like it in a different metal.

"Da fark is Yark?", she said

This product is made to order. It is made and shipped within 6 weeks.
  • We follow the International Ring Size Conversion Chart. Follow link to choose your size.

    To measure your rings size:

    1. Find a soft material tape measure.

    2. Measure around your desired finger. Make sure the tape is layed flat on your finger (remove any objects from under the tape).

    3. Take note of the number where the start of the tape measure meets with the remaining tape measure. This is the "circumference"

    4. Go to and search the "circumference" column for the closest number to the circumference of your finger. Choose the slightly bigger one if you find yourself in between two numbers. It's easier to make a ring smaller than larger!

    5. Use your finger to scroll horizontally on the table to find your Australian ring size letter. This is your ring size. 

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