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Jewellery made by Patricia Chiuariu (pronounced q.r.u)

I am a Romanian born artist, making metal jewellery on Naarm land (Melbourne, Australia). 

I am constantly torn between perfection and imperfection and this tension is what makes making art a satisfying and challenging process.

Perfection is appealing because it is beautiful to me. Perfection represents quality craftsmanship, years of experience, precision and thoughtful design and manufacturing. It’s what I strive for as a jeweller and artist.

Imperfection however, represents nature and the human in the equation. It’s the shaky hands, the tired eyes, imperfect tools, imperfect machines, the wearing, the use and abuse, repair work, and the chemical reactions of the metal by simply existing. It gives art feeling and stories that connects people. 

Imperfection is inevitable, but I strive for perfection anyway. It’s the combination of both that creates something beautiful.

Everything is handmade, unique, and unconventional. 

Awards/ Industry Recognition:

2023 Melbourne Polytechnic Graduate Design Award

2023 Comune Award - Group Exhibition Invite and Mentorship

2022-23 John Lazos Graduate Design Award

Patricia Chiuariu (pronounced q.r.u)
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