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Balkan Collection

Patricia grew up in Romania (eastern Europe) when it was a communist state and food was scarce. She fondly recalls watching her grandmother knitting a large woollen jumper with repetitive star and horn folk patterns. She knew her grandmother often exchanged knitted clothing for food that was hard to find like meat and cheese.  Knitting meant they were about to have a happy feast. These repetitive patterns often appeared on clothing, jewellery and headwear during happy celebrations throughout her childhood. Years on, repetitive patterns with contrasting textures and colours still bring her joy.  ​Patricia deconstructs and modernises Balkan folk designs by applying aspects of their shapes, colours and textures to jewellery. While the connection may not be immediate or literal, Patricia wants them to stand proud, be striking, elegant, and fierce yet vulnerable just as has been the Balkan region's past and its likely future.

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