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Inspired by a Balkan folk pattern, let this jewellery make you feel proud, striking, elegant, and fierce yet vulnerable.


These earrings are a testament to the need for patience and never giving up in order to make something special. Each swirl on the earring is hand twisted to shape from fine silver and individually soldered onto the backing plate. 


Each piece is a celebration of the feminine strength to endure, pursue and achieve greatness through compassion and hard work.


No two earrings will ever be the same. While we keep the overall shape of the earring, where each swirl lands, how they merge together is unknown and on purpose uncontrolled for a trully unique piece of jewellery. 


999 fine and 925 sterling silver, these earrings are super light weight. Stand out with these unique earrings.  

She's life, the tree of life

This product is made to order. It is made and shipped within 6 weeks.
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