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This piece is inspired by Balkan folk ornamental motifs often used to decorate clothing and objects.

These repetitive patterns trigger memories, history, messages, and ways of living - a different world to our today.

Made from aluminium, it's very light, but very bold. It is 3d printed by heat treating aluminium powder then shrunk in the cooling process. This process is unpredictable making each piece absolutely individual - no two pieces will ever have the same surface textures.


A touch of colour and shine pops against the grey is youth forming new ways of being. 


These super light earrings are light, and filled with detail from the detailed geometry, contrasting textures, to the simple splash of yellow.


Details: 925 silver, aluminium, and enamel paint.

She's a diamond - earrings

This product is made to order. It is made and shipped within 6 weeks.
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